Capital Creates Change



Working with the world’s most innovative companies, Morgan Stanley is driving growth and creating real positive change around the globe. “Capital Creates Change” highlights the firm’s remarkable insight and financial prowess in industries as diverse as entertainment, sustainability, and technology, providing both value to clients and real human benefit. The campaign tells the story of these transformations across print, digital, out-of-home signage and social, and VR.

I led art direction for this campaign for two years, concepted ideas and directed teams on large scale shoots across the US to realise them (internal and external photographers, videographers, stylists, retouchers, illustrators, animators, editors and designers). Increasing digital traffic and favourability in the industry.


My role:
Concept and art direction



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First Solar

First Solar is a pioneering energy company making solar power so affordable it’s bringing clean energy to places that previously could not afford electricity. Morgan Stanley helped the company raise the capital to make their vision a reality for communities in both the developed and developing world.


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A keystone of the sharing economy, Uber had a vision not just for how people move, but how smarter mobility could reshape cities for the better.  Morgan Stanley helped raise the capital that enabled Uber to launch a new initiative, uberPOOL. Not only does this innovation make the service more affordable and more ubiquitous, it takes cars off the road.


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More unique visitors driven to MorganStanley.com from paid advertising in 2016 vs. 2015.


Unique visitors driven to MorganStanley.com
in 2016 from paid advertising.


Increase in favorability of ad aware target audience vs. non-ad aware target audience.