My role:
Creative lead

UX - Jocelyn Chuang
Sr visual designer - Myhra Mirza
Jr visual designer - Erica Lee

Physicians for Reproductive Health is a pro-choice advocacy organization, the only one in the U.S led by physicians. We helped them with a rebrand and a complete rehash of their digital system, allowing them to focus on their work with efficiency.


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PRH's Work


Public Awareness
Informed 1.5k media pieces on reproductive health over the past year — including publications like New Yorker, Forbes, Vanity Fair.

Medical Space
Provides mentorship & educational resources to fill the gap in Institutional knowledge on reproductive health. Educated >5k medical providers with training across 42 states.

Political Action
Organises evidence-based testimonies for landmark SCOTUS (Hobby Lobby), and connects laypeople with ways to contribute.


This work is more important than ever - 2017 gave the country a new political administration that unravelled a lot of headway in the women's health rights movement. We aspired to create a rebrand and site flexible enough to grow with the organisation’s needs & initiatives.


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To keep the focus on the PRH’s work, we applied a clear and concise design language. We focused on typography and color to show different information, supported by own-able, abstract illustrations simultaneously inspired by organic shapes and scientific diagrams.


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The System

We built from scratch a modular design and content system that is structurally sound yet flexible. This system gives PRH staff not only an easy to update CMS, but the ability to reorder a kit of modules and assemble new pages, with 12 custom modules across 30+ pages at hand-off. We helped the organisation to operate with maximised efficiency, and ensured that the website can evolve to future needs.

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