SkinnyGirl is a low calorie drink founded by reality TV star Bethenny Frankel. It has seen quick and steady growth, resulting in impressively high awareness, but has trouble moving beyond a small fanbase in the “girls night in” category. At its core there's an image problem, its namesake is polarizing and has negative connotations for those who don't drink it. People don’t believe that it will taste good or be high quality. But the good news is that the people who love it, really do, and remain loyal to the brand.

To help expand their fanbase, we need to remove the stigma, and attach meaning beyond “Skinny” & “Girl” through advocacy. 


My role:
Concept and art direction



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Women who drink Skinnygirl love it. These are our existing, unapologetic advocates.

So let's celebrate the Skinnygirl girl - women who are secure with who they are and what they like, and tell it like it is. Extend the community with real advice for real, relatable situations.


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The Rally

We’ll rally our advocates to share their own #MyGameNoShame moments that will live in our “Hall of No Shame” landing page.


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The Incentive

Top shared moments will be acted out by our celebrities and will be featured as webisodes on Skinnygirl.com and Youtube.


To further our reach, we’ll curate moments and feature them on popular sites with snackable content.


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Sampling Program

The most engaged advocates will be invited to exclusive Skinny Tastings in their area.