Unicorn Collective


Young Glory is an advertising competition devoted to creative consistency. 8 months. 8 briefs. 8 big name judges.

A few fellow creatives and I got together and formed a team: The Unicorn Collective. Midway through the competition, 3/4 of us moved countries, but we still worked together through 3 different time zones. Just for fun.


The Unicorn Collective: 
Julia Guo
Scott Turner
Frank Thiruchelvam
Shruti Thiruchelvam


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Overpopulation is affecting many cities around the world. It affects transport, traffic, personal space and contributes to pollution of cities and air quality. Come up with an idea that would help: crowd control, traffic control and in-turn, ultimately curb pollution. Find an organization(s) of your choice - but ensure what is delivered is a branded product or service.


Lucky Pass

This is our simple big idea to help ease traffic congestion in Australia.
Awarded second prize by Young Glory.


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Brief: Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has been one of the worst storms to hit the east coast of the United States in history. The storm has left many cities and boroughs blacked out - leaving thousands of people without power and hot water for days, potentially weeks. Your brief is to find a creative solution to help alleviate these specific problems when dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophe such as Hurricane Sandy. Come up with an idea for a new product innovation, branded utility, location based service or partnership to help with people in need with limited power and connectivity.


Root 4 NY

We propose a creative solution to help alleviate power outage problems when dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophe such as Hurricane Sandy. We know it sounds fun, but this is a real, viable solution to a serious issue. The tongue-in-cheek nature of this idea is its strength, making it extremely sharable. Its potential for earned media value is huge.